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What We Do

Custom mixes to bring your vision to life.

For over 50 years, Fusion Sound has been customizing music worldwide for cheer, pom, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, ballet, fitness, and gymnastics.

Your Sound can Make or Break your Routine.

So let’s create your perfect mix.

We offer voiceovers, single song editing and some pre-mixed music. Talk to us today about what you’re looking for. We’ll give you personalized support and communication throughout the entire process.

Customized Mixes

Created Exclusively For Your Team

Whether you’re looking for cheer or pom routines with composed mixes, mixes that include music using cover versions of popular songs and artists mixed with original beats and sound effects, or high-energy mixes for cheerleading, pom, kick or hip-hop, we’ve got you covered.

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What We Offer

Custom Royalty-Free Mixes

For cheer or pom routines, these mixes will be composed exclusively for your team.

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Mix comprised of only Fusion Sound’s original content. Please contact us directly for options and pricing.

Custom Cover Mixes

For any type of routine, these mixes will include music that uses cover versions of popular songs and artists mixed with original beats and sound effects.

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Does your performance or competition require licensing for your music? This option is for you.

Custom Traditional Mixes

Beat-mixing for cheerleading, pom, kick, hip-hop and other mixes that need to be energized.

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Custom mixes of all lengths and genres.  Best for: Cheer, Pom, Hip Hop, and Show/Production routines.

Elite Traditional Mixes

High energy mixing for cheerleading only. Faster-paced and perfect for elite and more advanced teams.

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Lots of SFX, beats, longer vocal phrases, etc. Contact us directly for pricing.

Work with the Best in the Business

For over 50 years, we’ve been designing and developing high-quality, winning audios for teams all across the United States. Our customers come back time and again because they know our team personally cares about your team and routine. Our goal is to to create your perfect mix. Our values are quality and customer care and satisfaction.

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